Lody One



Is that a guitar in your pocket?…………Yes it is!

LodyOne, is a 100% French technology which enables you to play music like a pro!
Want to play the electric guitar like a pro, without an electric guitar? The revolutionary LodyOne is for you!

LodyOne is a small intelligent device with eight buttons, four on the right and four on the left, to create your own guitar solos, always in tune, with your own rhythms, with an original musical accompaniment.

LodyOne - An amazing experience!

Guitarists and lovers of guitar music, amateur or professional, to those who don’t know anything about music, are unanimous: it is a great idea that will enable people of all ages to discover the pleasure of playing music, as if they had a real electric guitar in their hands.

LodyOne - A very simple principle

Turn it on, choose one of 18 musical backgrounds stored in the device’s memory, then:

Using the keys on the right (if you are right-handed):
  • Play high notes, medium notes, low notes or randomly generated notes. LodyOne automatically incorporates notes into the music range that is played.
  • As you add more notes, it integrates them as well. The result - a great solo!
Using the keys on the left (if you are right handed):
  • Generate two sixteenth notes playing a single note, this doubles your dexterity, now you’re playing like a pro;
  • Raise your melody in the high notes or move it down in the low ones.
  • Start "Gimmicks", those short musical phrases commonly played by famous rock guitarists. Thanks to the amazing technology that in LodyOne, these "Gimmicks" fit perfectly into the solo you are playing!

What a result, you can now play a rock solo just like your guitar hero!

As you can see it only takes a few minutes to understand how LodyOne works, even if you don’t know anything about music or electric guitars. LodyOne can revolutionize music, even for music classes at school. LodyOne is based on an ingenious computer program associated with patented processes and devices, the result of several years of research conducted by the creators of French company Techlody,

LodyOne is an ideal gift, sold at 49€ VAT (shipping costs not included).

2 AAA batteries (included) provide 30 hours of game mode.

LodyOne sound features:
  • Integrated quality speaker.
  • Mini-jack to connect to a Hi-Fi (for concerts with friends!).
  • Feel diffident about playing? Practice without disturbing your neighbors, or discreetly play like a guitar hero during travel, just connect headphones or earphones.

About Techlody:
Based in France between Fontainebleau and Auxerre, Techlody (www.techlody.com) is a company specialized in artificial intelligence applied to music. It is composed of musicians and engineers. It has the support of OSEO Centre (public funds to support innovation), the Centre Region and the Chamber of Trade and industry of “le Loiret”.

Techlody is already working on the next versions of LodyOne, which will offer new musical styles and the sounds of other instruments.